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Working with Investment Teams to Assist in Achieving Higher Ratings


This service draws on Nigel Douglas’s extensive experience and relationships with fund managers (at all levels) over 15 years since 2001. Previously, on the ‘sell-side’ at Merrill Lynch where he was Chief Economist Australia, he worked with a range of domestic and global fixed interest managers. This service can be extended to help managers be selected for mandates by larger institutions with complex approval processes.


Specifically, the services offered to improve fund manager ratings with retail rating houses and institutional asset consultants are:


  • Analysis of the meaning of due diligence questions and data requests


  • Review of fund manager standard due diligence (FSC or RFP) documents with a

focus on team, investment philosophy and process sections.


  • Review of fund manager ‘pitch book’ with their business development team leader


  • Coaching workshops with fund manager teams to prepare them for the specific

review styles of the various rating house/asset consultants.


While specific ratings outcomes cannot be promised (as this depends on a range of factors outside the control of Douglas Funds Consulting), this service will bring enhanced credibility to a manager’s documentation and performance at review meetings. Nigel Douglas has extensive experience presenting to a wide range of clients in different situations.

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